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Bill 1 day ago

Fiery "Shrimp"

fiery shrimp always amazes the non vegans when we bring them here!

Aumshantihshantihshantih 7 days ago

Crispy Seasoned Tofu

I am not a tofu lover unless it's done right. Purple Mint does tofu right! The crispy seasoned tofu is light and delicious. Battered with perfection.

Pijadimaghsoodi 11 days ago

Sizzling "Steak Filet Mignon"

Great dish - loved by vegans and non-vegans (a.k.a. soon to be vegans) alike!

Charlie 11 days ago

Yam & Sweet Potato Curry

To start off, I'm definitely a meat eater, so I always hesitate when trying vegan food; but I have to say, I ordered the Yam & Sweet Potato Curry (with brown rice) and it was delicious! The food was ready in about 5 minutes and was so tasty once I got home. I'm excited to try some of the other menu items. Oh, and I got to sample their chocolate chip cookie (thank you!) and I loved it.

Vannyt414 16 days ago

Orange "Chicken" Meatless

I just went Vegan not too long ago, so i thought life was over because of no more take out food but everything for animals! ☺Anyways, when I found out this restaurant existed I went over with some friends and OMG the best tasting food ever. I loved orange chicken before but not even more. The sauce is so good and sweet and the texture of the "chicken" is amazing! Thank you purple Mint! 5 starts without hesitation

Ancientfashionfuture 25 days ago

Black Rice Pasta in Coconut Milk

Excellent dish! The quality and taste was amazing. Has a very traditional taste and modern taste as well. I really liked the different textures of noodles and sauces to choose. If you are looking for something very different this is definitely worth it. 5 out of 5

Lw3251 25 days ago

Pho "Chicken"

This was the best tasting soup ever! Luscious pieces of plant-based protein and an amazing broth. Comforting, and satisfying. No meat needed!

Daisysmith 28 days ago

"Prawns" in Garlic Noodles

This would be a go- to at a "regular" restaurant , and it is indeed my go-to at the delicious Purple Mint

Alorahmolina 28 days ago

House Combination Fried Rice

OMG!!! I cannot say enough about this dish! This is one of my all time favorites. The cashews are an amazing touch and just set the rice off perfectly. Every item compliments the next extremely well and tastes fresh and exciting. I've eaten pretty much everything on the menu and the House Combination Fried Rice is one of my top five go to meals.

Smhil02 29 days ago

Orange "Chicken" Meatless

Do you love orange chicken, but hate feeling like a bowling ball afterward? Cue Purple Mint's orange "chicken!" You'll never believe this is soy protein, even as a non-vegetarian. The crispy exterior met with a soft and flavorful orange marmalade-type sauce has remained our favorite main dish by far. You won't regret ordering this delicious feast all year round.

Kujokumro about 1 month ago

Orange "Chicken" Meatless

Made to order, so fresh and delicious! With fresh orange peels & shallots a full umami experience for an overly excited tongue & belly! I can never get enough of this plant based heaven!!!

Kathy about 1 month ago

Hot & Sour Soup

This soup was so good!! Everything you want a hot & sour soup to be!

Packerms about 1 month ago

Yam & Sweet Potato Curry

This is my absolute favorite curry in town! Every dish i have tried is amazing but I could eat this everyday!

Mail4bsinclair about 1 month ago

Kung Pao "Chicken"

I've always been a big fan of spicy food. This has all the savory flavor, spices & texture I could ask for. Now that I eat vegan, I don't have to miss a thing. The Kung Pao is one of many delicious offerings at this restaurant.

Jecostan about 1 month ago

Black Rice Pasta in Coconut Milk

Amazing! Best meal I've ever had (not exaggerating). Going back again just for this entree.

Mattcarneysemail about 1 month ago

Yam & Sweet Potato Curry

Sooo delish!! Lovely over the rice or just eaten out of the bowl like a soup. Can't wait to try other menu items!

Mrryab about 1 month ago

Hot & Sour Soup

This is simply the best soup I have ever had. The perfect blend of savory and sour, with delightful textures of the noodles and veggies make for a sublime experience. This is a perfect soup while you are sick, or just wanting some soup. Not to be dramatic, but I would die for this soup.

Mckennacchristian 5 days ago

Kung Pao "Chicken"

Oh my gosh! This is the best asian cuisine's "Chicken" I've had since going vegan. It has the perfect amount of flavor/sauce balance and the little spicy kick it has makes it all the better. A must try!

Crystillchill 8 days ago

Yam & Sweet Potato Curry

So savory and flavorful. I'm not vegan but so enjoyed this healthful dish. I didn't miss the meat at all because the food was still filling and tasted great. Will be back soon to try more.

Parisa 11 days ago

Black Rice Pasta in Coconut Milk

delicious with lots of veggies!

Nbs367 13 days ago

Sizzling "Steak Filet Mignon"

Best Mignon in San Diego, hands down! This place is one of my favorite places because of the amazing service and delicious food!

Salehamber 17 days ago

Pho "Beef"

One of the best vegan places in San Diego

Ejkemp 25 days ago

Orange "Chicken" Meatless

I'm not a vegan (yet?) but Must admit with the utmost sincerity that I prefer the Purple Mints Orange Chicken over "real" Orange Chicken. The flavor is exceptional and every bite is as good as the prior one. You can also enjoy the fact no living creature died for your dining experience! The Purple Mint takes Vegan dishes to the next level. I've recommended them to so many people and I always enjoy hearing a lifetime meat eaters amazement as to the complexity of the dishes they serve. Thank You Purple Mint!

Alorahmolina 27 days ago

Avocado Rolls

These are a perfect blend of ingredients with avocado being the star of the show. The smooth creamy blend of black beans is subtle enough to not upset or overwhelm the balance of the dish. While the crispy outer shell leaves nothing further to be desired. I tried a bit of the tamarind cashew sauce, but wasn't totally able to identify its key elements. I found it completely optional, not taking away from the rolls but not adding too much either. The avocado rolls are amazing all on their own.

Hartofsd 28 days ago

Avocado Rolls

These are crunchy, creamy, avocado-y goodness! Everything we had was delicious (orange chicken and pho). We'll definitely be back again and again!

Smhil02 29 days ago

Peking "Duck" Lettuce Wraps

As a non-vegan, nor vegetarian, I will never eat peeking duck from anywhere but Purple Mint. This is by far the most delicious item on the menu with the savory "duck," sweet & sour type sauce, and always crisp lettuce to wrap. I don't know how they do it, but this is one of the most delicious meals I've ever tasted.

Smhil02 29 days ago

Hot & Sour Soup

This has become a staple every time we order Purple Mint. The sour flavor is a softer one but done perfectly with the soft mushrooms and bamboo with a bite. The flavors are so vibrant and amazing and it's the perfect cure for those dreary Winter blues... Or just because you love a good soup!

Krystal about 1 month ago

Lemon Grass "Chicken" or "Beef" or Tofu

This dish is my absolute favorite! I'm not vegan, but I crave this dish all the time since first having it! I've been here 5-6 times in the past 2 months and the food is phenomenal every time. I've also had the shrimp spring rolls, the crispy wontons, the wonton soup...the list is very long. The biggest compliment I can give is that I'm never afraid of ordering something new, because the food is always phenomenal!!

Coliv80 about 1 month ago

Crispy Egg-Less Rolls & Grilled "Beef" or "Chicken" Vermicelli

My usual order when I come here is this dish with the "chicken". Everything is fresh and delicious. The mock chicken texture is perfect and the egg-less rolls add a nice crunch. Highly recommended!!

Rosalynskinner417 about 1 month ago

Pho Tofu & Vegetables

This was SO good! I actually tired this place out before I went Vegan and feel in LOVE! I love pho and was kinda scared that this wouldn't taste the same because anyone who loves pho knows that it is the broth that makes or breaks it. I rarely ever finish my pho but this one didn't have a drop left. Super excited to come back to Purple Mint and try the other dishes!

Angelica about 1 month ago

Vietnamese Sandwiches

The lemongrass chicken Bahn Mi is amaaaziiinnnggg. It's deliciously seasoned, has a perfect ratio mix of what's in it, and the bread it comes out on is always fresh and crisp. I take myself on a lunch date here often for this sandwich! Great customer service. Kind and attentive staff. Well priced. Love this place and their yummy, nourishing food.

Hansonearth about 1 month ago

Black Rice Pasta in Coconut Milk

The food here is so nourishing and bright. The dish I had appeared deceptively simple but ended up having a complex array of flavors and textures. This dish left me feeling elevated but grounded, a nice balance of cooked, and raw items in the black rice pasta in coconut milk dish. I am excited to come back and see what other magical things are being made here.

Kreestalyn about 1 month ago

Peking "Duck" Lettuce Wraps

Love the Peking duck lettuce wrap among other entrees. They have great tasting food!

Katiefisherphotography about 1 month ago

Wonton Soup

I shared this dish with my wife. So good! I am always pleased when I come here. Not too salty, just right. You guys are always nice and food comes out fast. 5 stars all the way!


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