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Rodrigoraulopez 9 days ago

Orange "Chicken" Meatless

I always get this and it never disappoints! Honestly, don't think I'll ever stop going to this place it rocks! Swinging by later to pick up another order 😍

Miguelgsaucedo 11 days ago

Vietnamese Sandwiches

So I am a big fan of BanhMi masterpieces in general, however, this one is high up there with all of the other ones I have tried. By far the best actually. Kudos to you, Purple Mint! Excellent!

Shop2four7 22 days ago

Orange "Chicken" Meatless

My family & I LOVE The Purple Mint. Our son is a somewhat of a picky eater. When my husband suggested we order the orange "chicken" for him, I was a little hesitant and I made sure that his sisters didn't tell him it wasn't chicken. To our surprise, he ate it and loved it. We especially love that it looks like orange "chicken." Our other favorite dish is the Black Pasta in Coconut milk. It's so flavorful and the different texture work do well together! We will be eating here often from now on.

Speakfortheweak about 1 month ago

Kung Pao "Chicken"

There is nothing I crave more than this dish right here. Crispy outside, coated in a beautiful spicy but savory sauce. The bite is very meaty but as vegan as it gets. My week is not complete with out a big plate of the Kung Pao. If you haven't been to purple mint, or you have and you haven't tried this dish you are seriously missing out.

Atlasissalta about 1 month ago

House Combination Fried Rice

When my wife first introduced me to this restaurant, it was about seven years ago. At that time, we were only dating. Purple Mint has been a temple for our relationship, as soul food should be. About once a month we visit and enjoy our favorite meals in their delicate setting. I almost always order the combination fried rice and she gets spring rolls with the hot and sour soup. We love the orange chicken and the eggplant rice, too! On occasions we've gotten free cake. On Valentine's, a beautiful rose. We've brought friends and family with options for everyone. This place is quite special to us and I know we'll always be warming my welcomed every time we step across the wooden bridge. Thank you for all the amazing memories, Purple Mint.

Tessmariehelsley about 1 month ago

Orange "Chicken" Meatless

This dish has been a favorite of mine for the whole time I've been vegetarian! It's perfectly sweet, crispy, and savory!

Isaacprydelessard15 about 1 month ago

Orange "Chicken" Meatless

This meatless "chicken" was no doubt the best vegan dish I have ever had. It's texture related that of meat and instead felt healthy. The orange slices and zest gives it a refreshing appeal. The only bad thing about this meal is that I am have a tough time trying something new on the menu haha 10/10

Rand about 1 month ago

"Prawns" in Garlic Noodles

The most amazing, rich, creamy delicious plate ive ever tried

Katelynne about 1 month ago

Yam & Sweet Potato Curry

Delicious! Every dish I order here is a great experience. I love that you can choose between a baguette, rice, or noodles.

Dianacorpus about 1 month ago

Pho Tofu & Vegetables

I visited for the first time yesterday. The decor is beautiful. The restaurant is clean. I had the tofu and vegetables pho, jasmine hot tea and spring rolls. The food was so good! I never had pho like this before. The food is vegan and it was clean and healthy. This is my new favorite spot for pho.

Mermaidviawave about 1 month ago

Yam & Sweet Potato Curry

I was so excited to find this place! It is my go-to when I'm in the mood for Thai food. I have taken so many people here who aren't vegan and they fell in love too! So much flavor and great portion sizes for the price

Christinagrisafi about 2 months ago

Yam & Sweet Potato Curry

A delicious flavor of curry I can enjoy ANY time of day. Just the right amount of smooth sweetness with a nice balance between earthy mushrooms and blended spice. I appreciate that there is also tofu for the added protein. This dish is wonderful with the baguette *which is perfect, every time* or even brown rice when I feel I want to make a larger dish to share or devour all on my own. Especially if I have a Thai iced tea. The ambiance is refreshing and the decor is relaxing. It is a beautiful place to host many celebrations and enjoy the variety of flavors offered.

Minizhumini about 2 months ago

Orange "Chicken" Meatless

Purple Mint is our favorite vegan restaurant in SD! Food is delicious, service is amazing and very nice environment. We come here almost every week to try new dishes. Highly recommend!

Gretchen about 2 months ago

"Shrimp" Spring Rolls

These are my favorite Spring Rolls in San Diego! I love the "shrimp" made from yams and the peanut sauce is fire!!!!

Gratefulone2004 about 2 months ago

Pho Tofu & Vegetables

My 6 year old son and I ate Here for the first time. He is an adventurous eater and LOVED these! We try to eat primarily plant based and WILL be back!

Goinbacktwocali about 2 months ago

Avocado Rolls

This was my first time eating at Purple Mint and I could not believe the flavors! The avocado rolls and the dipping sauce are next level. I recently changed my diet to primarily plant based and I was so excited by all of the items on the menu. I will definitely be back!

Samirasjones 2 months ago

Hue Style Spicy Noodle Soup

This soup was perfectly seasoned with a nice taste of herbs and spices. It was great for me during my illness when I couldn't keep anything on my stomach due to nausea and diarrhea. Luckily, this soup settled my stomach and provided some nourishment!

Petermyao 2 months ago

Orange "Chicken" Meatless

This dish is my favorite - you almost can't tell that it's meatless!

Lizlawley143 2 months ago

Avocado Rolls

they were so good!

Astoiko 2 months ago

Orange "Chicken" Meatless

I have always loved orange chicken. Until now, I have never found an orange chicken substitute since going vegetarian. This is comparable, and it is my absolute favorite dish in San Diego.

Rarevalo1958 11 days ago

Avocado Rolls

The dishes are delicious!! We wre able to order and pay over the phone and did contactless pick up. So easy!

Itzacastro97 21 days ago

Orange "Chicken" Meatless

This is by far the best orange chicken - vegan orange chicken in San Diego that you can get. It never has me feeling sick or too much like other places . It's amazing. I am such a fan of purple mint !

Winonanash 24 days ago

Avocado Rolls

These are awesome! They remind me of Cheesecake Factory or other chain restaurants but done with more finesse and flavor!

Franbarisano about 1 month ago

Pan Fried Rice Noodles

Delicious dish! I asked for soy sauce and chili sauce on the side but after I took my first bite I quickly realized it was perfect as is. The flavors and textures were satisfying and the portion size was very generous. This was my first visit and we will for sure be back. I look forward to trying everything!

Lizzie about 1 month ago

House Combination Fried Rice

I am mad at myself for not coming here sooner! I had the house fried rice and salad rolls. Most impressed by the "shrimp" concept, I have never had that before! The young human working Tues 2/25 was very knowledgeable about the menu and extremely attentive. I heard the people next to me say "I had no idea vegan food could be so good!" Grateful to live close and can't wait to come back.

Lourde about 1 month ago

"Prawns" in Garlic Noodles

Amazing! Tastes so good. Sautéed with heavenly garlicy goodness.

Hailey about 1 month ago

Crispy Wontons

The wontons were fantastic, so crunchy and the filling was perfectly flavored 🤤

Mimi about 1 month ago

Pho Tofu & Vegetables

For my birthday with my silly friends, I ordered eggplant &tofu (as usual) & the shrimp with rice. Delicious! I split these dishes with a friend which is what we do on a regular basis. My other two friends ordered the shrimp po'boy because they love it. We had great fun & lots of laughs. At other times, I order the black rice pasta with coconut cream. Sooo good. Last weekend, I picked up a chicken binh mi for dinner cause i didn't feel like cooking.

Caleigh about 1 month ago

Kale with Crispy "Chicken" Salad

Crispy kale chicken salad - this was so yummy!! It was my first time and in and I will def be coming back! It is so cute in there I will totally sit down next time to enjoy my food. Shocked at how much it tasted like chicken! Curbed my meat craving completely!

Ashley about 1 month ago

Orange "Chicken" Meatless

Purple Mint is one of our absolute favorite restaurants in the area! My family and I enjoy their food often, and had my brother and his wife over to share their food family style. The orange chicken is my go to; however, we also enjoyed the eggless avocado egg rolls and fiery shrimp as appetizers, and those are both incredible. Their menu is diverse with something for everyone and I'm thrilled to support this local establishment. We are not vegetarian or vegan but this ha become our favorite restaurant - the ambiance is gorgeous and the staff is friendly and kind. I recommend the Purple Mint to everyone I know and have vegan friends in Chicago who always ensure we have a stop or two here when they're in town.

Jhoustonnn about 1 month ago

Summer Rolls

I crave these all day, everyday. Purple mint is my friends and I go to restaurant. So delicious and always excellent service! Highly recommend!!!!

Nantsea about 2 months ago

Fiery "Shrimp"

These were SOOO good! Will have to ask for spicy sauce on the side next time so the kids can try them

Scarlet about 2 months ago

Avocado Rolls

I've never had anything like these rolls! Such a unique taste with the creamy avocado, tangy sun dried tomatoes, and crispy shell. The sauce it comes with is amazing! I wish I could bring a tub of it home!

Marygutz61 about 2 months ago

Chinese Broccoli & Shiitake Mushrooms

I wasn't sure what to order because I'm not a vegan. Mom is trying to eat the right foods and vegan is her choice for now. The waitress was very helpful and waited for my mom to make up her mind. The food was really good and we will definitely be back

Divester about 2 months ago

Sizzling "Steak Filet Mignon"

This "steak filet mignon" was excellent! The texture was unrecognizable as vegan, and the taste was absolutely delicious; full of flavor and matched well with brown rice and salad. As a family that eats out often, we want to eat healthier and decided vegetarian and vegan eateries is a good place to start. We also had a "shrimp" appetizer and "duck" lettuce wraps which were also very delicious, and to complete our meals we enjoyed "milk" tea made with almond milk. We look forward to our next visit so that we can try the variety of dishes offered. 5/5 Stars for The Purple Mint!

Bruno about 2 months ago

Peking "Duck" Lettuce Wraps

First time ordered this dish amazing how can this not be real Peking duck one of the best vegan restaurants in San Diego

Mckenna 2 months ago

Kung Pao "Chicken"

Amazing texture and flavor! It tastes just like real chicken, in my opinion. I order this every time I go and I'm never disappointed. I highly recommend Purple Mint for great quality vegan cuisine!

Rebeccadigiglio 2 months ago

Lemon Grass "Chicken" or "Beef" or Tofu

I've tried many of the dishes at Purple Mint over the last few years, and they've all been great. My favorites are the banh mis and hot and sour soup. Great vegan food at a reasonable price, and the staff is always friendly.

Swima749 2 months ago

Black Rice Pasta in Coconut Milk

My family and I have been going to the Purple Mint for the last 4 years, and we have seen their menu change, but my favorite dish thus far (other than the out of this world pho) is the Black Rice Pasta. It's the coolest blend of flavors, and my vegan dad, and my mom and I's dietary restrictions allow it! I love the mix of flavors!!! I recommend it every time to all my friends that I bring with me!!!

Marydawisha 2 months ago

Crispy Seasoned Tofu

This dish was delicious and the tofu was done wonderfully. My non-vegan friends love it too! I definitely recommend.


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